POPEYE aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • To promote active participation in society among disadvantaged young people;
  • To enhance the sense of belonging to their communities and to Europe among the participants;
  • To raise the participants’ environmental consciousness;
  • To creating potentially professional opportunities and contacts around the participants;
  • To promote the dialogue among young people, their communities and their local authorities upon relevant social issues such as youth engagement and inclusion.

A set of six activities to be implemented mainly at local level structure the whole project:

  1. Training on active citizenship, with special attention to environmental and sustainable development issues, and on ICT tools management
  2. Collection of data on local organic farmers on participants’ territories
  3. Development of the national web pages by uploading all the relevant data collected on the ground and by providing digital mapping representations
  4. Local dissemination events and promotion of the website among potential users
  5. Final international conference in Strasbourg for presenting the results of the project as well as the website as a platform that provides youngsters with all contact details of organic farmers willing to offer traineeship opportunities
  6. Dissemination and evaluation of the project