OPG Nenad Kuftić

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OPG Nenad Kuftić 44.959468, 13.949399 OPG KUFTIĆ Name of the farmer : Nenad Kuftić Contacts: Adress: Marčana 480 tel: 092/246 8093 e-mail:nenad kuftić@gmail.com Products: - sesonal vegetables, potatos, tomatoes, zucchini, artichokes, spinach chard, onion, garlic, - fruits: figs and cherries Methodology of production: compost produced with help of  californian earthworms, Internship avaliable :YES volounteering: YES seasonal employment:YES accomodation for internship: NO

A few kilometers from Marcane,near the place called “Tronovi”, the orchards of of Mr. KUFTIC are situated. Nenad is involved in eco production since 2003. He handles nearly 3 acres of land mainly vegetable crops. They vary depending on the season, he produces :  tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, artichokes, spinach, chard, potatoes, onions, garlic and more. From fruit he gows:  figs and cherries. As an advantage of organic farming he states that : producing healthy food based on the principles of sustainability and a special energy and enjoyment in production that does not affect negativly on  yourself or others. The new method, which he  introduces in the production is playing at “mih” antique Istrian instrument. On his farm there is the possibility of a training, volunteering, and seasonal youth employment.