OPG Darko Pekica

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OPG Darko Pekica 45.088181, 13.881803 NAME:Obrt za uzgoj goveda za mlijeko i priplod \"Filice\" Contacts: Name of the farmer : Darko Pekica Location :Svetvinčenat 3,52342 Svetvinčenat. e-mail:darko.pekica@inet.hr tel:098/438 437 Products: Milk, INTERNSHIP: NO Volunteering = YES (ONLY IN MARKETING FIELD)

On the very entrance of village Svetvinčent is situated  a farm of Darko Pekica, with 20 cows for milk and offsprings. To manage doing maintenance and feed animals on the farm, they need necessery surface of cca. 6 – 7 ha of land. In the register of Eco agriculture they entered in 2011. The main product of Eco farm is milk. Milk is available in very easy way – with milk slots, located in two of Pula’s main farmers markets, and they are well known now. Currently, on farm only Darko and his father are working, and as an advantage of ecological agriculture they are pointing out that in this way they are living “normaly”, or just very different than current mass production (and stressful) economical system.