OPG Jakob Simon Turnšek

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OPG Jakob Simon Turnšek 45.394235, 13.585788 Title: OPG Jakob Simon Turnšek \"FARMA GEJA\" Contacts: Name and surname JAKOB SIMON TURNŠEK Address ŠVERKI 82, 52470 UMAG Tel 092 130 83 89 E-mail geja.hr@gmail.com Products: vegetables, flour, olive oil, wine, grappa and liqueurs, lavandinovo essential oil Methodology of production: partially use of biodynamic method Internship : YES Seasonal employment: YES employment: YES Volunteering: NO

It is situated in Šverki near the Umag, 5km from the sea. Jakob is 22 years old and he processed 17 ha of his land. He grown a vegetables, grains, olive trees, vineyard, lavender and fodder food for the domestic animals.

He sell vegetables, flour, olive oil, vines, grappa, fruit likers and the lavander essential oil on the market, auto-camp by the summer, yeard sales and in the group of solidary exchange. Jakob have 4 volunteers for now and they help him with all the work.

Working in eco production it means working in healthy environment, eating quality and non-processed food improves the quality of life.

He partially used biodynamic method and he possesses Croatian and now also and EU certificate. He is going on a seminars and professional trainings wherever  he get the chance and time.

Possibility to volunteer for now is full but professional development, seasonal employment like a permanent employment is always possible.

Gets halved government subsidy and plans to increase the production and development of vegetables species.

He hope that the mapping will attract more people to know and buy from him, he see mapping as a new marketing strategy.

The tips he gave us is that we have to listen how the earth is breathe and never give up when something is not going in the way that we want