OPG Komparić Marko

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OPG Komparić Marko 45.056061, 13.753510 OPG Komparić Marko Contacts: Name and surname: Marko Komparić Address: Negrijeva 5, Pula Tel: 098 535 669 e-mail: marko.komparic@gmail.com web page: www.facebook.com/OpgKomparic Products: fresh figs, dried and processed into jams, spreads and fig chutney and vinegar Internship: Yes

Komparić’s family farm is located near Marčana. In the production of growing figs is included the entire family, their four members. With organic breeding of figs, they pursue seems 2011 on 0.80 ha (hectares). Prominent advantages of such production method are environmental, ground water and last offer of better quality products for customers. Their range of products includes: fresh figs, dried figs, processed jams, spreads, chutney made of figs and vinegar. They’re selling products through direct sales, organic markets and fairs.