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OPG VALTER RISTIĆ 44.922274, 13.806157 OPG VALTER RISTIĆ Contacts: Name and surname: Valter Ristić Address: Istarska 41, Fažana Tel: 0977963852 E-mail: opgristic@gmail.com Products: Olives Internship: No

Agricultural areas are located approximately 1 km from Vodnjan in the direction of Galizana.
They Cultivate olive trees on two orchards of the total size of 1.55 acres, on which are planted 300 olive trees of Istrian bjelica varieties and 150 trees buža women. There are currently no product placement because the olive trees are still to young. In the family four of them are engaged in the work of OPG, each with their own task.
For the benefits of organic farming they state its longevity, and able to work in accordance with the nature. The plan in the future is to build homes for many beneficial insects such as ladybugs and “zlatooki” and preparation
of its own compost.