A&Ž d.o.o

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A&Ž d.o.o 45.407561, 13.965128 A&Ž d.o.o Contacts: Name and surname: Željko Sirotić Adress: Franečići 53, Buzet tel:091/5769576 e-mail az-med@net.hr web page www.az-med.hr Products: Honey and other bee poducts Internship: YES

A & Ž d.o.o.

The company A & Ž d.o.o, owned by the local farmer Željko Sirotić, is situated in the location of town Buzet. They are working in the field of organic agriculture for 10 years owning 200 bee hive. The company main activity is beekeeping. Beekeeping or apiculture is the maintenance of honey bee colonies, commonly in hives, by humans. The main product which they sell is honey and the other products of the hive as propolis and beeswax. They sell all their products in Istria region. In the production are included two persons in whose opinion the main advantage of the organic production is a product with the high quality. This company posses an Eco certificate. The owner participates on various seminars and professional trainings which include information are related to beekeeping.
They offer the possibility for Youth of Volunteering, practical work and seasonal employment on their farm. The company didn’t receive any grants from EU or Croatian sources. In the future they are planning to expand the production and placing royal jelly as a new product.


The advice they would give to Youngsters willing to work in the field of organic production is:
„ Risk taking pays off „