”PJER„ obrt za poljoprivredu i proizvodnju

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”PJER„ obrt za poljoprivredu i proizvodnju 45.326549, 18.398568 Address:  A.Starčevića 193, Đakovo Contact: Božica Jaman Phone number: +385995/892-5720 E-mail: pjer.doo@gmail.com Products : blackberry wine and jam



We produce ECO blackberry wine and jam.
We are 6 years in organic farming.
We use tiller and powered lawnmower.
We improved our production by building our own mini winery and space for processing.
You can buy our products at home address and fairs.
All family members helps in the eco-farm, we also have 10 seasonal workers (6 of them are under
the age of 30).



We don’t offer accommodation on the farm.
We need workers from July till August.
We are willing to accept 10 workers.
8 hours is the working hours.
From a person who wants to work in our farm we expect speed and agility.