FIMAS d.o.o

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FIMAS d.o.o 45.029498, 13.753338 FIMAS d.o.o Contacts: Name of the owner: Mario  Paunović Adress: Šublinov brijeg 53, 10000 Zagreb telephone: 098206-954 e-mail:fimas.fimas@gmail.com Products: Olives and olive oil. Internship: YES

Mr. Mario Paunović, before 6 years decided to start an adventure in ecological agriculture, because of his long term passion for olives. On land size of 2,5 ha, between Bale and Barbariga, he grows only olives. This enthusiast for olives it’s working on property with one more employee, but occasionaly there are two more people who are working with them. Mr. Paunović is always willing to give informations about ecological farming and products, if anyone wants to know a little more about it. He is having eco certificate, and lots of other diplomas for the quality of his olive oil.