EKO Siljan

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EKO Siljan 44.840802, 13.872108 OPG EKO Siljan Contact: Adresse: Premanturska 192, Pula tel: 099 699 2177 e-mail: ekosiljan@gmail.com web page: www.eko-siljan.hr Products: fruits, vegetables, Type of production :The particularity of our production is the fertilization surfaces with its own goat manure and compost, resulting in high quality product. Internship: YES

Ecological Economy Siljan is located in the Valbonaša, situated 4 km southern of the town of Pula. They are cultivating
1.5 hectares of orchards.  They grow all kinds of vegetables, strawberries and vegetables, strawberries and herbs. They are growing their own seeds and old varieties of vegetables, but also the new varieties that are adapted to organic farming.  The advantages of such a production, according to them, is  the preservation
of natural resources, the production of high-quality and higher nutritional value, closed and self-sustaining cycle
of production with minimal use of external inputs and biodiversity conservation.