OPG Milan i Marija Krušvar

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OPG Milan i Marija Krušvar 45.375452, 13.982334 OPG Milan i Marija Krušvar Contacts: Adress: Prodani 11. Tel:052/665-023, mob:091 539 5363 e-mail: denis.krusvar@gmail.com Products: Wheat varieties, \"Pir\", \"Kamut\", \"Ranka\" Autochthonous Istrian varieties of corn (white corn and yellow corn) Autochthonous Istrian red garlic onion, potatoes Type of production: organic, lucerna INTERNSHIP: NO

The farm Krusvar is situated in the village Prodani located about 6 km from the town of Buzet. Their
uniqueness is that they have managed to preserve many old seeds of various crops grown and therefore authentic Istrian varieties of corn (white corn and yellow corn). They  grow a variety of old-fashioned varieties of wheat (“Pir”, “Kamut”"Ranka”), rye, barley variety, quaintness, authentic Istrian red garlic, antique variety of domestic ports (“merikanski luk, “škalonjac), antique potato variety known since ancient times in Istria (” Berlin “, red potatoes).  In the future they  plan to  increase the orchards under organic production.