OPG Lorena Stipančić

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OPG Lorena Stipančić 45.004400, 13.796900 OPG Lorena Stipančić                 Contacts: adress: Olge Ban 6 tel: 098 580 934 e-mail:mnl@pu-tcom.hr Products:Lavannder and oil lavander Soap,  face tonic, ,  essential lavander oil,, lavender sachets, bathing salts,  air fresheners,  olive oil. Internship: YES Volounteering: Yes  

The local farmer Lorena Stipančić with her family farm is situated in the location of town named Vodnjan. They are working in the field of organic agriculture for 7 years with a total of 9 hectars cultivated land. Lavender and olives plantations are located at  Krnjaloža 49. The main products are lavender, for medical purpose and for drugstores, and olives. They also sell soaps of lavender, essential oil of lavender, lavender bags, bathing salt, air freshener of lavender and olive oil. Only two persons are included in the production believing in the necessity of healthy products from a sustainable organic production.They don’t use any sort of alternative type of production. This local farm  possess an Eco certificate and one for the olive oil. The owner participates on various seminars which include information’s related to olives production in Istria region.
They also offer a possibility for Youth of Volunteering and practical work. They received grants from Croatian sources called Incentives for capital investment from HBOR.  In the future the plans include many activities: expansion of production on 35 ha, open a tourist point, build a hotel with the capacity of 50 beds and introduction of new plants which include figs, almonds and hazelnuts. They think the digital mapping on Popeye web page activity will depend from visibility and attractiveness of the page.