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OPG ŠIBIBA 44.864378, 13.847086 OPG ŠIBIBA           Contact: Adress: Cara Emina 5 telephone: 098 9834 802 e-mail:biserka.bankovic@gmail.com; info@sibiba.com web: sibiba.com Products: Olives, olive oil INTERNSHIP: NO        

OPG Šibiba is located in Sveti Kirin, near Vodnjan. They are involved in Organic farming since 2009. They cultivate 5 acres of orchards. They are producing olive oil, and their olive oil is sold in specialized stores. You can order their products by e-mail or phone. They possess a ECO certificate and certificate of European Vegetarian Union, which gives them the right to use the V-Label on the product label. They find that environmental production greatly affects the preservation of the environment and the quality of food