OPG Vilim Belović

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OPG Vilim Belović 45.376724, 13.625911 OPG Vilim Belović Contacts: Adress: Palih boraca 2a, 52474 BRTONIGLA Telephone: 091/579 8095 e-mail vilim.belovic@optinet.hr Products: olives

Mr. Belović olive grove is located on the eastern side of  Brtonigla, more specifically, on the top of Monte Marzari. First
crops were planted in 2006t h. The same yearthey have entered into the register of organic farming. It covers approximately 1.5 hectares of land. They Grown only two varieties of olives; Buža and Istrian bijelica. Oil from buža they call OLEISTER,  and oil from bijelica they call  EMAVS. According to them, the advantage of organic production is to kick out of the use of harmful pesticides which have a particularly negative effect on children’s nervous system. In the future they plan to obtain  HALAL certification for olives, raise crops, build homes for ladybirds and “zlatooke”.